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  • Release on:2016-07-01
Inamori was born in 1932 in Japan Kagoshima, Kagoshima University Faculty of Engineering graduate. 27-year-old founder of the Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. (now Kyocera Kyocera), 52-year-old founder of the second telecommunication (formerly DDI, now known as KDDI, NTT is currently second only to Japan's second largest telecommunications company), the two companies are both During his lifetime into the world top 500, two amazing career begin with the force of growth.

Save Japan Airlines
First, zero wage dedicated to all the staff great spiritual encouragement. "I accept the invitation of the Government as chairman of the company, we are fast 80-year-old, in the eyes of many employees, I was his (her) grandfather, father or uncle, my life has nothing to do with Japan Airlines , but do not receive a penny willing to pay for the reconstruction of Japan Airlines dedication last strength, he gave the staff a good example. "

Second, in accordance with the requirements of the government reconstruction ETIC and JAL to cut part of the staff, however, but also to protect more workers to remain in the company work. "The reason I agreed to the invitation of the Government of Japan Airlines to serve as chairman of the board, is to recognize that it can not go bankrupt, can not let it affect the Japanese economy, keep jobs for more people as possible."

Third, after the chairman, the first thing to do is to clear JAL's business objectives, and this goal repeatedly communicated to all employees, so that every employee always remember what to do, the company should What to do. "This approach, and I created and operated Kyocera, KDDI company the same. I think that only the well-being of employees in the first place, we unite as one, managers and employees of the soul resonate, companies can out of the woods, in order to get healthy development. "

Fourth, Japan Airlines, with Kazuo Inamori's philosophy and outlook on life, the enterprise reform, particularly on the "bureaucracy" carried out a thorough reform. "I first operation of the business sense of service has been reformed. Developed a services 40 project staff and I share common values, share a common business philosophy, to" material heart two sides "agreed to form a Japan Airlines the company's new corporate philosophy. "

Fifth, the company's internal management system for the implementation of the reform, the implementation of these separate accounting system, and to determine the responsibility for the operation of each route people. "Statistics implement quick report system, the data of each sector to do that is that is has been reported that the company did report a detailed business completed within a month, to allow the management team to keep abreast of the company's operating live."