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What is Alodine 5200 surface treatment

  • Author:Patrick
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-11-24

What is Alodine 5200 surface treatment


Alodine 5200 treatment is a chromium free product and specifically formulated for treating aluminium and its alloys. Spray or immersion application may be used. The process provides an excellent base for organic finishes.




The complete process sequence normally consists of the following steps:

1. Cleaning

2. Water rinsing

3. Treating with Alodine 5200 solution

4. Water Rinsing (preferred)

5. Deoxylyte 200NC rinse (used for bare corrosion resistance)

6. Water Rinsing

7. Drying




1.    Chrome-free conversion coating

2.    Environmentally friendly replacement for hexavalent chrome

3.    Coating is used to improve corrosion resistance and adhesion

4.    Provides an excellent pretreatment base for wet paint, CARC paint, powder coating, structural adhesive and rubber to metal bonding

5.    Does not affect part dimensions



1.    Automotive – anti-vibration components, bodies, trim, wheels, suspension components

2.    Electronics – aluminum and magnesium housings/bezels

3.    Military – vehicles, aircraft

4.    Aerospace – commercial & military

5.    GI – appliance, furniture, marine, truck bodies


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