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Two main characteristics of stainless steel casting process

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-06-17

1. In order to avoid shrinkage holes in casting parts, vertical pipe, chiller, feeding and other methods are mainly used to complete sequential condensation in the process of stainless steel casting.  In order to avoid shrinkage defects in the porosity, pores and cracks of stainless steel castings, the thickness of stainless steel castings should be uniform, sharp Angle and right-angle structure should be avoided, sawdust should be added to the sand used for casting should be added to the core, concave and permeability of sand or sand core should be improved. 

2.Due to poor fluidity of molten steel, the thickness of cast steel should not be less than 8mm to avoid cold insulation and lack of castings.  Dry casting or hot casting;  Appropriateprogress, pouring temperature, average 1550°~ 1660 ° C, due to its high pouring temperature, molten steel overheating, leaving long liquid, liquid can be improved.  However, the casting temperature is too high, resulting in coarse grains, hot cracks, pores, clay and other phenomena.  Usually small, precision casting thin wall, shape, casting temperature is about the melting point of steel temperature + 150℃;  The structure of the casting system is simple and the size of the part is larger than that of cast iron.  The pouring temperature of large thick-walled castings is about 90℃ higher than the melting point 。

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