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How to avoid cracking in die casting

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-06-18

The causes of heat treatment deformation and cracking of die casting die are many, including chemical composition and original structure of steel, structural shape and section size of parts, and heat treatment process and other factors are involved.  In actual production, deformation is often unable to completely eliminate,  It can only be reduced as far as possible,but as long as appropriate means are adopted, the cracking situation can be completely avoided. 

For eutectoid steel stamping die preparation heat treatment, the key is to eliminate the network secondary cementite in the forging, grain refinement and internal stress.  The specific process is normalizing treatment, and then spheroidizing annealing.  For stamping die parts, low temperature tempering should be used to stabilize the way.  For those molds with more complex shapes and high precision requirements, due to the higher possibility of deformation and cracking in the heat treatment, appropriate tempering and tempering treatment should be carried out after the completion of rough machining and before the beginning of finish machining to prepare the organization for the final heat treatment, so as to avoidcracking as far as possible.

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