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Monthly Summary Conference

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-07-25
  Yesterday was the company's monthly summing up meeting, summing up the performance, behavior norms and other aspects of last month. Summing up, we can understand the past work in a comprehensive and systematic way, and we can correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of past work. We can make clear the direction of the next step, avoid detours, make fewer mistakes and improve work efficiency. The best incentive for employees is reward and punishment system. Colleagues who accomplish their goals will be rewarded, and those who fail will be punished. Those who are late or fail to upload documents according to regulations should also be punished. Those who have made great contributions to the company will be rewarded. There is an old saying in China: “no rules no radius.” In order for a business to function properly, there must be rules and regulations, and everyone must follow it. The colleagues all put the rules and regulations in mind, and their work is particularly harmonious. The last part of the monthly review is for everyone to write recommendations on the note and suggest that they be rewarded. Our company is a democratic company.