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Difficulties and solutions for CNC stainless steel parts processing

  • Author:Huang Lizhi
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-21
When we process stainless steel parts, we should have the same problem to: stainless steel parts processing difficult; Several reasons, and solutions:

First, in the automatic lathe, the cutting of stainless steel, the tool material of the generally used carbide is: YG6, YG8, YT15, YT30, YW1, YW2 and other materials; common high-speed steel knives have: W18CR4V, W6M05CR4V2AL and other materials.

Second, the choice of the geometry and structure of the tool is also particularly important:

Inner corner: General Turning stainless steel tool 10 ° ~ 20 ° is suitable.

The rear angle: generally take 5 ° ~ 8 °, * but 10 °.

Edge angle: generally select λ to -10 ° ~ 30 °.

The surface roughness of the blade should not be more than Ra0.4 ~ Ra0.2.

Third, the difficulty of processing of stainless steel parts is common:

1. Processing hardness causes the tool wear faster and it is difficult to drag.

2, low thermal conductivity causes plastic deformation and tool wear of the slimming edge.

3, dumping tumor is easy to cause emblem of small pieces of chatte on the slime, and cause a bad processing surface.

4, the chemical relationship between the tool and the processed material causes the low thermal conductivity of processing hardening and processing materials, which is not only easy to abrasive, but also cutles and abnormal ruptures.

Fourth, the solution to the difficulty of processing is as follows:

1. Use a tool with high thermal conductivity.

2. Sharp cutting edge line: The chip slot blade is wider, and the cutting pressure can be reduced, so it can control the drag.

3. Appropriate cutting conditions: Inappropriate processing conditions will reduce the tool life.

4. Choose the appropriate tool: Stainless steel tool should have excellent toughness, the gripping strength of the cutting edge strength and the coating film is also relatively high.