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Cutting new perforation technology

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-09-11
Any kind of thermal cutting technology, except in a few cases can be started from the outside edge of the board, they are generally required to wear a hole in the plate. Earlier in the laser punch press machine is used to punch out a hole, and then use the laser from the hole to begin cutting. No punching apparatus for laser cutting machine has two perforated base of the method:

⑴ blasting perforation: (Blast drilling), material after continuous laser irradiation to form a pit in the center, and then the laser beam coaxial oxygen flow quickly to remove the molten material to form a hole. Usually hole size and sheet thickness, average diameter thickness of blasting perforation half, so the thick plate blasting hole diameter is large, and not round, not requiring the use of the higher parts (such as oil sieve slit tube ), it can only be used on waste. Furthermore, since the same used for perforation and cutting oxygen pressure, a large splash.

⑵ pulse perforation: (Pulse drilling) using high peak power pulsed laser to melt or vaporize a small amount of material, commonly used as an auxiliary air or nitrogen gas, in order to reduce the exothermic oxidation so that the hole expansion, the gas pressure is relatively small oxygen pressure when cutting. Each laser pulse produced only small particle injection, the gradual deepening of the time and therefore slab perforation takes a few seconds. Once the piercing is completed, immediately replaced by oxygen assist gas for cutting. Such smaller diameter perforation, perforation quality is better than blasting perforation. Lasers used for this purpose should not only have a high output power; more important is the time and spatial characteristics of the beam, and therefore can not meet the general cross-flow CO2 laser laser cutting requirements. In addition pulse perforation also need to have more reliable pneumatic control system to achieve the type of gas, switching and perforation time of gas pressure control. In the case of pulse perforation, in order to obtain high-quality cuts from the pulse perforation stationary workpiece to cut the workpiece constant continuous transition technology should pay attention to. Theoretically cutting conditions can usually be changed to accelerate the segment: the possibility of such a focal length of the nozzle position, gas pressure, but in fact the time is too short to change the above conditions is unlikely. In industrial production, mainly by changing the laser average power of more realistic approach, there are three specific methods: ⑴ changing the pulse width; ⑵ change the pulse frequency; ⑶ while changing the pulse width and frequency. The actual results show that the best kind of first ⑶.