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magnesium alloy

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magnesium alloyMagnesium is based on the addition of other elements of the alloy. Its characteristics are: low density (about 1.8g / cm3 magnesium alloy), high specific strength, high modulus of elasticity, good heat dissipation, shock absorption is good, to withstand the impact load capacity than aluminum, organic and alkali-resistantCorrosion performanceit is good. The main alloying elements are aluminum, zinc, manganese, cerium, thorium and a small amount of zirconium or cadmium. Currently the most widely used is magnesium alloy, followed by magnesium manganese alloy and magnesium zinc alloy. Mainly used in aviation, aerospace, transportation, chemicals, rockets and other industrial sectors. Among the lightest metals in utility metals, the specific gravity of magnesium is about 2/3 of that of aluminum and 1/4 of that of iron. It is the lightest metal in practical metals, high strength, high rigidity.
Magnesium is a silvery white light metal, less than 2/3 of that of aluminum, and the strength of magnesium alloys is very high. As early as before WWII, its suitability for a wide range of structures, such as aircraft structures, Become the lightest high-quality metal structural materials. Natural magnesium is very rich in the occurrence of the earth's crust, second only to aluminum, iron, is the third most abundant structural metal. The world mainly from the magnesite, dolomite, salt lake brine and seawater extraction of metallic magnesium. Magnesite resources in China totaled 5.3 billion tons of resources, dolomite has proven reserves of 4 billion tons and above. Qinghai Salt Lake is also an important magnesium resource in China. The existing reserves of China's magnesium resources rank the first place in the world.

The primary use of metallic magnesium is to add elements for the alloy, followed by the manufacture of cast and deformed magnesium alloys suitable as structural members, and finally for the desulfurization of steel. At present, melting aluminum accounts for almost half of the global magnesium consumption. Magnesium alloy used as a structural member, except in the past in the field of aerospace applications, due to cost reasons, not as widely used as aluminum alloy. To solve the problem of reducing energy consumption and environmental protection
magnesium alloy
magnesium alloy
question,auto industryLooking to make it lightweight magnesium alloy. Magnesium alloy can reduce vehicle weight and reduce fuel consumption, high specific strength, stiffness close to the aluminum alloy and steel, good casting performance and dimensional stability, easy processing, low rejection rate, impact resistance, damping performance, reducing Noise, vibration, safety and comfort are better than aluminum and cast iron.