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What preparations should be made before the injection mould is debugged?

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-06-13
Rigorous attitude is the premise of the success of the work, injection mold debugging must be prepared before all the work.

Drawings check

Injection mold debugging must be issued by the external cooperation department or the production department of the mold debugging notice, began to prepare. The first step is the examination of the drawings, where the drawings are two copies, one is the mold debugging product drawings, one is the mold drawings. According to the product drawings to understand the product requirements of the material, geometry, function and appearance requirements, such as color, spots, impurities, scarring, depression and so on. injection mold making

Equipment inspection

Check the technical parameters of the equipment: the diameter of the positioning ring, the size of the nozzle sphere R, the nozzle diameter, the minimum die thickness, the maximum die thickness, the maximum mold thickness, the maximum mold thickness, the maximum mold thickness, the maximum mold thickness Mold travel, rod spacing, top out of the way to be full

Foot test requirements, ready to drive before the preparatory work.

The test equipment should be consistent with the machine at the time of production. This is because the technical parameters of the equipment are related to the technical standards of the test product. The temperature fluctuation, the change of the pressure, the time of the empty cycle and the stability of the mechanical and hydraulic transmission will affect the quality of the product.

Material preparation

Check the processing of plastic raw materials specifications, models, grades, additives, masterbatch, etc. to meet the requirements for the humidity of raw materials should be dry to determine the ratio.
In principle, the raw materials should be based on the provisions of the raw materials, because the mold is based on the physical properties of raw materials designed. injection mold design Suppliers

Mold inspection

Mold installed to the injection machine before, should be based on mold drawings on the mold inspection, in order to detect problems in time, to repair mode. According to the injection mold assembly diagram, you can check the dimensions of the mold, the size of the positioning ring, the size of the inlet of the main channel, the size of the sphere R and the inlet and outlet of the cooling water, the height and width of the pressure plate.

Cooling water pipes or heating lines

Turn on the mold cooling water pipe or heating line inspection, if the sub-surface using hydraulic or motor, should also be connected to the inspection.

Tools and accessories

Test tool is a special tool for the test staff, costumes in the portable toolbox, easy to carry. Each commissioner should be equipped with a set. The tools related to the mold are mechanical hand, pad, check the mold temperature thermometer, check the size of the mold card equipment, check the tools used, as well as the operation of the commonly used copper rods, copper and sandpaper spare parts.

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