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Brief introduction to the safety of stamping die design

  • Author:Angelia
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-06-13
The design of the stamping die is directly related to the production precision and quality of the stamping parts. But in the production process of stamping parts not only to ensure that the stamping parts of the finished product precision and finished product quality, but also should pay attention to the safety of personnel in the production process. mold maker manufacturing china

1, stamping die in the design if it is used in large-scale stamping bed, you must try to avoid the operator into the mold into the stamping process, if you can not avoid it should be as much as possible to reduce the scope of the operator into the mold, As far as possible to shorten the time to stay in the mold, or at the same time design tooling to replace the manual operation.

2, stamping die in the use of small punch, the mold design should be prohibited when the operator to work into the mold mode.

3, stamping die in the design of the mold structure should ensure that the stamping of raw materials, materials, blanking, finished products out of the stamping of waste cleaning convenience.

4, stamping die in the design of the design surface should be marked on the mold weight, mold size, mold assembly requirements to ensure that the mold is easy to install the operation. best price mold maker china

5, stamping die design mold material, mold parts to ensure adequate strength and toughness. To ensure mold quality and life, to prevent the mold in the stamping process damage, deformation.

6, stamping die design should ensure that the mold is easy to install, to avoid the folder or cut the operator of the status quo.

7, stamping parts mold assembly should be equipped with lifting device, to avoid the operator group die crushing and so on.

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