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Wow! You never know: there are so many military high-tech around here

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-06-13
Military and civilian integration rose to the national strategy, the moment has become "tall" up, many people think that military and civilian integration from their own very far away. In fact, look at the daily life, everyone around, we are using a lot of technology and products, in fact, from military technology. Each of us is enjoying the dividend released by the "army", but many people do not know, or have not paid attention to it. injection mold design Suppliers

Speech translation and text conversion:

Now we use the website online translation function, to us to browse foreign language website has brought great convenience, as well as WeChat in the translation function and voice conversion text function, are particularly easy to use.

It is common to steal enemy communication messages in a war, intercepting or tapping the voice of the other call, the text can get more favorable information and important information of war. But because the war is basically from different countries, the language is naturally different, and can not expect every soldier to master each other's language, so through the voice of real-time translation of the technology is particularly important, or sometimes can also be converted into text , Easy to record and analyze some of the key information and intelligence.

Today, such a similar technology has begun to switch to civilian. To bring a great convenience to our lives. I believe that through continuous upgrading and improvement, these technologies will become more practical.

GPS positioning system:

GPS navigation believe that we are no stranger to the earliest navigation technology used in the military, and later developed into hundreds of billions of civilian industry. At present, China is also developing its own Beidou navigation technology.

GPS global satellite positioning system, now almost all mobile phones are equipped with this feature, and in the car navigation system is also often able to see, for the field travel, travel and "Luchi", the GPS can be called " Human savior ", to our lives has brought great help and convenience. Yes, it is also the first from the military, for the ground forces to specify the road, and applied to the precise guidance of missiles, to provide accurate strike direction. Of course, military GPS in the positioning speed, accuracy and other aspects of performance than the civil version of a lot higher than the level.

Today, navigation is already very popular, location-based services (LBS) is also growing.

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