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Look! You absolutely do not know: your military around the high-tech

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-06-12
Although for a long time, our textbook has always stressed that the world's first electronic computer was born from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States "ENIAC (ENIAC), but the earliest ENIAC was not used to play games, but to help for military research and development. plastic mold technology in china

The world's first general-purpose computer, ENIAC, its main purpose is to help for the research and development of military project.

During World War II, the main weapons were aircraft and artillery, and it was necessary and urgent to develop and develop new cannons and missiles. At that time, in order to provide accurate and timely ballistic firing tables for American ordnance tests, a high-speed computing tool was urgently needed. With the strong support of the U.S. military, the world's first electronic computer, ENIAC, was developed in 1942.

On this basis, commercial computer germination. In 1951, the first commercial computer was delivered. Electronic computers are playing more and more important roles not only in traditional scientific computing, but also in other fields. They have been widely used in all fields of human life. Excuse me, can he live today if he leaves a modern man away from his computer?

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