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The characteristics and disadvantages of sharing bicycles

The characteristics and disadvantages of sharing bicycles

Angelia www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2017-06-30 10:48:26
With the progress of the times, people's lives are becoming more and more convenient. With the popularity of sharing bicycles, people are becoming more and more convenient to travel. aluminum cast manufactory

Shared bicycle refers to the enterprise in the campus, subway station, bus station, residential area, business district, public service area to provide bicycle bicycle sharing service, is a time-sharing rental model. Shared bicycles are a new type of shared economy.

Since the end of 2016, the domestic shared bicycle suddenly hot up, a recent mobile phone screenshots jump red network. In this screenshot, 24 shared bike application icon full of the entire mobile phone screen, really is "a map that share the intense competition of bicycles." And in the streets, as if overnight, sharing the bike has to the "flood" of the point, the major cities on the roadside filled with a variety of colors shared bicycle. Sharing bicycles has attracted more and more attention, because of its low-carbon travel concept, the government of this new thing is also in goodwill observation period.

Different from the network car, bicycle operation by the seasonal changes in weather conditions and other effects are relatively large. As for the typhoon, regardless of where, sharing the amount of cycling orders, will drop down or even zero, and the platform have to face a higher cost of depreciation of vehicle damage. aluminum die casting parts

From the experience of Beijing to see, ofo account deposit 100 yuan (later and Alipay cooperation, sesame credit), each riding 1 yuan, in early 2017 consecutive launched a long time free riding activities, during the ride free, end After the recovery of 1 yuan each time the charges. But because part of the use of mechanical lock, crack the lower cost, illegal use, malicious use or even more damage to the phenomenon. The maintenance of the release of 300 yuan, the scan code is greatly reduced by the individual individual long-term occupation of the risk, and the introduction of the April release of free riding links to expand the user to regularly launch a red car to activate the long-term unused Zombie and other functions are very targeted, the effect is good. The problem is that the positioning is not very accurate, the map shows the location and the actual parking location is often not on the need to improve.

Compared with the "public" bikes, the "no piles" concept of access and parking at any time brings great convenience to the public, and also leads to "red car" and "yellow car" Chaos "phenomenon is more common, the impact of urban space management and urban landscaping, and become more difficult, which also requires the corresponding provisions of the introduction of management.

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