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Domestic terminal mold lead terminal development

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-09-21
In recent years, the domestic terminal mold industry as a member of the mold industry, there have been many products sell well around the world, but profits have been hovering at a low level. Faced with such a phenomenon, this will have to cause domestic terminals, mold industry practitioners need to think about some issues.

Terminal quality affects the quality of the mold manufacturing terminals, especially in the terminal of position, with Chinese in mold industry regional intelligent, precise expansion direction, has to a certain extent the progress of the level of China's manufacturing industry terminal. In order to adapt to market competition unceasingly intensifies, in recent years our country industry is experiencing important changes, such as mold according to the market or customers for flexible consumption; mold design independently to design integrated system transformation; consumption changes to the global purchase and in consumption; manufacturing factories on the quality and safety of pleading in from time to time progress, these changes are promoting the expansion and application of entering into a new phase, which is intelligent development stage. Also led the terminal manufacturing industry to intelligent, automated consumption process level of progress.

Although the total number of intelligent molds is not much, PCB terminals, but represents the new direction of mold technology, in the industry, product structure adjustment and expansion to an increasingly important role. Intelligent mold is ready, will inevitably promote the whole mold industry play a powerful role in promoting, therefore, in the industry started, intelligent mold is particularly necessary.