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Measures to improve the failure mode of cold punching die

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-09-20
The working conditions of cold punching die are more complex and abominable, and the dies often interweave with many kinds of damage in the process of using. The following failure forms are easy to be used in the process:

1, fracture failure
2, wear failure
3, deformation failure
4, fatigue failure

In order to improve the quality of cold stamping die and avoid failure, the following measures are often adopted in production:

1, reasonable selection
Fracture failure mainly, can choose good toughness material CrWMn steel, 9Mn2V steel, GD, CH steel, etc., wear failure mainly, can use Cr12, Cr12MoV, LD, GM steel and so on.

2, heat treatment
1) improving the heating temperature of high temperature quenching and tempering can make carbides refine and dissolve, and tempering at high temperature can improve the morphology and distribution of carbides, refine grain and increase the plasticity of workpieces.
2) in order to avoid mold failure, heating in the process of classification, shortening the high temperature residence time, rotating into the coolant, to cool evenly, in order to reduce the quenching deformation and small cracks.

3, reasonable forging
Forging by cross upsetting (axial and radial repeated upsetting) can make the carbide grade of high chromium alloy steel die less than 3 grade. At the same time, the forging temperature is strictly controlled to prevent the forging crack. After forging, the waste heat is usually annealed to be beneficial to the final heat treatment.

The mould with multiple line cutting, finally finishing the small energy to reduce white bright layer thickness and crack depth. After the line cutting, 200 times additional tempering is used to eliminate the additional stress of wire cutting, which can effectively improve the life of the die.