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What is the meaning of the luck bag in the first working day

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2016-03-18
New Year at work issued "red envelopes start", meaning "good luck", map is festive, some luck for the New Year. How much money is not important, the important thing is to deliver a good blessing, the dissemination of a corporate culture, certainly commendable. After all, the hair, "starting red packets", not only with our traditional association, but also to encourage employees, employees of the company can effectively enhance the degree of goodwill.

In the past, every year after the Spring Festival to go to work, some employees work hard to enter the state. Not to go to work late and leave early, it is "in Han Cao Ying heart," spiritual malaise, not working state. This "post-holiday syndrome", so many business managers a headache, although many resorted to a trick, but with little success. And to employees "red envelopes", both to make employees feel very fresh, a surprise to employees, allowing employees to work in advance of the psychological expectations generated, eliminate anxiety, loss and even resentment, into operation as soon as possible. It is also, in the enterprise management innovation, promote the formation and development of corporate culture system, thereby narrowing the distance between employees and managers, to form a "family effect."

"A good start, everything red" hair "red envelopes" Although a trifle, but the symbolic significance of such corporate behavior is far greater than the actual meaning. Regardless of "red envelopes" How many, it is a human care and warmth corporate culture show, highlighting the people-oriented ideology, naturally it can make people feel warm like fire, "red" in the minds of employees and enterprises. After all, "The mountains are not high, but the immortal name; water does not have to be deep," courtesy light affection heavy Xinchengzeling.