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Welcome New Employees

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-05

In the morning of July 5th, the company hired 6 new employees. In order to make everyone know each other better, the company organized a welcoming activity for the new employees.  Everyone beamed at each other, talked to each other, and watched each other as the new employees arrived.

New employees stand in a row and introduce themselves briefly one by one.  Young and energetic introduction, let everyone more easily know and understand each other.  After self-introduction, the organizer spoke at the back, introduced the company and the development of the company to share with all employees.  Behind everyone to play the game together, everyone happily into the game, unknowingly know each other's name.


They are in their prime, young and energetic, bringing vitality to the team and the company, as well as providing strong talent support for the development of the company.

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