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What does the method that goes burr have

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-02

Burr has a great influence on the quality of die casting parts, so deburring is an important process of die casting.  Failure to remove burrs may unnecessarily affect subsequent processing.  Does zinc-alloy die-casting plant deburr a few kinds of methods?

1. Use CNC machine tools, edge trimmers, punch presses, etc.  Deburring, high efficiency, low comprehensive cost.

2. Manual deburring has the advantages and disadvantages of less investment in equipment and high flexibility, as well as the disadvantages of easy damage to castings and low efficiency. 

3. Sand blasting machine or abrasive belt machine grinding, both of these methods are suitable for the processing of deep hole burrs that can not be processed by hand or machine. 

4. Deburr with manual pneumatic tools, file, etc.  This deburring method is more efficient than manual deburring.   

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