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  • Author:Zhou Xinyan
  • Source:Www. xy-global .com
  • Release on:2021-11-19

Depending on the vacuum suction casting process to establish a pressure difference, it may be divided into direct vacuum suction casting method and a suction casting special vacuum casting method.

(1) Direct suction casting
To CLA method as an example, the first production process of an ordinary melt molding shell placed in a sealed chamber, the sealed chamber decreases sprue insertLiquid metal. startVacuum pumpThe sealed chamber is evacuated,Filling liquid metal simultaneously. After metal solidification shell type, the sealing chamber is turned atmosphere, to eliminate the vacuum, the liquid metal runner not yet solidified and then flows back to thecrucibleInside. Finally, remove the shellSandGet casting. In addition to CLA method, and an inverted tilting vacuum suction casting method, i.e., after the vacuum suction casting filling was completed, the mold is inverted, the remaining molten metal by the inner sprue feeding to provide solidification. This method is easy to achieve continuous production with highProductivity.
(2) a special vacuum casting method

Such vacuum suction casting method is mainly based on the casting or pouring process requirements
alloyType of vacuum casting process added some specialized operations. For example, to enhance the vacuum suction casting feeding ability. On completion of the vacuum sealed chamber (see FIG. 2A); full of molten metalCavityAfter the chamber is then sealed into a compressed gas, to improve the seal between the upper and lower chambersDifferential pressure(See FIG. 2b), thereby enhancing the ability of the molten metal feeding during solidification of the casting. Which process is schematically shown in Fig. As well as the use ofInert gasProtection of vacuum casting, the method used to produceSuperalloyAnd oxidizable alloy vacuum melting and casting of suction casting (also known as CLV method), after which a metal is melted in vacuum, while introducing an inert gas into the vacuum chamber and the melting chamber suction casting, and they remain the same pressure. The runner shell or the riser tube is inserted into the molten metal, and casting the suction chamber pressure is reduced, a suction casting. After keeping a certain time, reliefAfter the sprueMetal to flow back in the crucible.