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How to choose a CNC tool

  • Author:Bai Yihan
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-11-19
1. Select the principle of CNC tool
Tool life is closely related to the amount of cutting. When making cutting amounts, the reasonable tool life should be first selected, and reasonable tool life should be based on optimization. Generally, the highest productivity tool life and the minimum cost of tool life, the former determines the minimum target of the single-piece work, the latter is determined according to the target of the lowest cost.
When choosing a tool life, you can consider the following points according to the tool complexity, manufacturing and sharpening costs. The complex and high-precision tool life should be selected higher than the single-edged tool. For the handset, the tool, due to the short change time, in order to give full play to the cutting performance, improve productivity, the tool life can be selected, generally 15-30 min. For tools, tools and knives, complicated multi-knife machine tools, combined machine tools and automated processing tools, and tool life should be selected, and the tool reliability should be guaranteed. The productivity of a certain process in the workshop limits the improvement of the productivity of the entire workshop, the tool life of this process should be selected when the full factory spending is large when the whole plant spend is large, and the tool life should be selected. Lower. When you are fine, in order to ensure at least once a knife is completed, avoid cutting the knife during cutting, the tool life should be determined according to the accuracy and surface roughness of the part. Compared with ordinary machine tool processing methods, CNC machining has put forward higher requirements for tools. It not only requires okge, high precision, but also requires stability, durable durability, and convenient installation and adjustment. Meet the high efficiency requirements of CNC machine tools. Tools selected on CNC machines often use tool materials adapted to high-speed cutting (such as high-speed steel, ultrafine granular cemented carbide) and use an integrated blade.
2, select CNC Cherning Tool
A generally divided carve knife, a steeled car knife, a circular arc knife, and three categories. The molded car knife is also called a model car knife, and the contour shape of the processing parts is completely determined by the volvencence and dimension of the vehicle blade. In CNC turning, common molding axles have small radius arc trucks, non-rectangular slots and threaded knives. In CNC machining, it should be as small as possible or without shaping a knife. The steeled car knife is a car knife with a linear cutting edge. The knife tip of this type of car knife is composed of linear master parallel, such as 900 internal and outer circle knives, left-right end car knife, cutting (cut) car knife and knife pointer a variety of outer circles and internal Aperture. The choice method of the steeled vehicle geometric parameter (mainly geometric angle) is basically the same as the ordinary car, but should be fully considered in combination with the characteristics of CNC machining (such as machining route, processing interference, etc.), and should take care of the knife tip itself strength.
The second is a circular arc trick. The circular arc truck is a vehicle tool that is characterized by a circular arc-shaped cutting edge with a local or line profile error. Every point of the car knife is a knife tip of a circular arc-shaped car knife, which is not on the circular arc, but in the circular heart in the arc. Circular arc hives can be used for turning inner and outer surfaces, particularly suitable for turning various smooth connections (concave) molded surfaces. When selecting a car blade, the arc radius should be considered less than or equal to the minimum radius of curvature on the concave contour of the part, so as not to occur, the radius of the machining should not be selected, otherwise it is difficult to manufacture. It also causes the car knife damage due to the poor tip strength or the difference in heat dissipation capacity.
At present, most of the CNC machine tools use a series of standardized tools, and the tool holders and cutters of the replaceable machine clamping knife, the end car knife, etc. have national standards and series models for machining centers and automatic tools. The machine of the device, the tool of the tool has a series of series and standardization, such as the standard code of the tapered tool system is TSG-JT, the standard code of the straight handle tool system is DSG-JZ, in addition, the selected tool Before use, strict measurements are required to obtain precise data, and the operator inputs the data system, completing the processing process, and processes the qualified workpiece.