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CNC machining center need to master what basic knowledge?

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-11-19

CNC machining is one of the nc industry more cutting-edge technology, a lot of new people to join industry in practice there are still some missing, although through computer programming design, but some basic skills still need to know, or to summarize new learning method, the CNC machining center must need to master the basic knowledge of what?  Simple theory cannot neglect certainly! 

1. Understand the drawing information 
Now a lot of machinery sector are drawing through professional drawings, both builders and designers need to learn to read the drawings, drawings for general CNC machining operators nature is little not, if not see drawings that basically is not able to finish the work, so before use must practice the drawing design and construction of CNC machine,  As the most basic operation, drawings are auxiliary work.  

2. Learn computer graphics 
CNC machining center machine designers typically through computer graphics software programming, the difficulty is bigger, the later construction influence is very big, once the drawing is not standard design flaws or certain areas have the scrap will lead to the construction of CNC machines, many current precision parts are very expensive, so master computer mapping is also a basic kung fu. 

3. Learn the properties of materials 
Although many times are processed through the network preparation products, but for some basic materials or to have an understanding of the cost of CNC processing machine tools and equipment is very high, whether it is programming or manual need to fully understand the characteristics of many kinds of materials.  Generally, it is only necessary to master the basic properties of common materials, and there is no need to study the specific properties of materials.