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Seven Habits That A Successful Person Has!

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-08-07
Habit 1: Initiative -- the principle of personal vision
Initiative is the responsibility for your past, present and future actions, and decisions based on principles and values, not emotions or external circumstances.
Habit two: take the end as the beginning - the principle of Self Leadership
Individuals, families, teams, and organizations draw up their vision and goals when they make any plans,
And shape the future, and focus on the principles, values, relationships, and goals that you value most.
Habit three: first important thing - the principle of self management
Put first things in the first order of what you want and what is worth doing. Doing things first can help you manage your time effectively, improve your productivity, and guide you in the right direction.
Habit four: win-win thinking - the principle of interpersonal leadership
"Win-win thinking" is a framework of thinking and willingness to seek mutual benefit based on mutual respect and the purpose of achieving greater opportunities, wealth and resources rather than hostile competition based on insufficient resources.
Habit five: know solution has empathy communication principle
When we give up the answer and change our heart to listen to others, we can open real communication and promote relationship.
The other party gets the understanding, will feel respected and recognized, and then unload the inner security, calm communication, both sides of each other's understanding is more fluent nature.
Habit six: integration of Synergy - the principle of creative cooperation
Integration is about creating third choices - neither in my way, nor in your way, but in third ways that are far superior to what one sees. It is the mutual respect of results, but do not know each other, and even praised each other's differences, appreciate each other to solve the problem and the way to grasp the opportunity.
Habit seven: keep renewing - the principle of self growth
Constant updating is how to continue in the four basic life styles (physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual)
New self, self promotion.