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The unique advantages of die-casting

Compared with parts processed by other manufacturing methods, die casting has its unique advantages: 
1. Compared with sheet metal parts, the shape of die casting parts can be more complex, the wall thickness of parts can change, a die casting can replace several sheet metal parts, thus simplifying the product structure. The unique advantages of die-casting
2. Compared with plastic parts, die casting parts have advantages in strength, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and electromagnetic radiation protection.

3. Compared with machined parts, die casting parts are light in weight and low in processing cost. 
4. Compared with other casting methods, die casting products have high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality and high production efficiency. 
Because of the advantages and unique advantages of the die casting, the die casting is now used more and more widely, and plays an important role in many products such as notebook computers, mobile phones, cameras, automobiles and motorcycles.  In these products, die casting as fashion, environmental protection, humanization and innovation selling points appear in front of consumers, consumers are also very recognized such products.  With the development of die casting technology, die casting parts will be more widely used.

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