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Mold maintenance and maintenance

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-06-09

For die casting workshop, good mold maintenance and maintenance is a consumer guarantee, which is conducive to the improvement of production quality, to a large extent, reduce costs, and thus improve production efficiency.  According to the results of practical use, we discuss how to better maintain the mold.
First of all:
(1) A complete set of operation records shall be established for each set of molds when they leave the factory.  This is an important basis for ensuring current care and maintenance.  Each project must be detailed and clear.

(2) The mould manager shall record the structural parts of each part of the mould in detail in the mould file when the mould enters the factory, and list the vulnerable parts of the mould according to the need, and the parts shall be prepared in advance, such as ejector rod, core, etc. 
Due to the development of the global die casting industry, its consumption focus has gradually shifted to the world.  Drived by the trend of global economic integration, the demand for aluminum alloy die casting from all walks of life also increases from time to time. The inferior power and aluminum resources indirectly lead to the rapid growth of aluminum alloy die casting production. 

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