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The advantages of die-casting

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-06-07

The advantages of die-casting;

1. High production efficiency, easy to realize mechanization and automation in the production process.  General cold chamber die-casting machine average die-casting 50~90 times per hour, and hot chamber die-casting machine average die-casting 400~900 times per hour, high production efficiency. 
2. Die casting has high dimensional accuracy and high surface quality.  The general tolerance class of die-casting parts is IT13~IT15 in GB/T 1800-2009, and the higher precision can reach IT10~W 11.  The surface roughness is 3.2~1.6 bucket m, and can be up to 0.8 bucket m locally.  Because of the high dimensional accuracy and high surface quality of die casting parts, the low requirements of die casting parts can be directly used to avoid mechanical processing or less mechanical processing, improve the utilization rate of alloy, save a lot of machining costs. 
3. The mechanical properties of die casting parts are higher.  The metal melt in the die casting mold has a fast cooling rate and crystallizes under pressure, so the layer of grain near the surface of the die casting piece is fine and the structure is compact.  Both strength and hardness are high.

4. Die casting of complex thin-walled parts.  Die casting can have complex parts shape, and the wall thickness of the parts can be small, the minimum wall thickness of aluminum alloy die casting is 0.5mm, the minimum wall thickness of zinc alloy die casting can reach 0.3mm.  

5. Parts of other materials can be embedded in die casting parts.  In this way, valuable materials and processing costs can be saved, and complex shape parts can be obtained and the performance of the parts can be improved, and the assembly workload can be reduced.

Because of the advantages and unique advantages of the die casting, the die casting is now used more and more widely, and plays an important role in many products such as notebook computers, mobile phones, cameras, automobiles and motorcycles.  In these products, die casting as fashion, environmental protection, humanization and innovation selling points appear in front of consumers, consumers are also very recognized such products.  With the development of die casting technology, die casting parts will be more widely used.