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Characteristics of die-casting technology

  • Author:Kerry
  • Release on:2021-06-02
Die-casting has the advantages of high production efficiency, simple process, high casting tolerance grade, good surface roughness, high mechanical strength,which can save a lot of mechanical processing procedures and equipment, and save raw materials. Widely praised by the industry.

Die-casting technology is a process of organically combining the three elements of die-casting machine, die-casting mold and alloy and comprehensively applying them.The process of filling the cavity with metal in die casting is the process of pressure, speed, temperature and time  The process of achieving unity.  At the same time, these technological factors affect each other, restrict each other, and supplement each other.  Only by correctly selecting and adjusting these factors and making them in harmony can the expected results be obtained. 

As a result, In the process of die casting, we should not only pay attention to the technological property of casting structure, the advanced nature of die casting mold, the excellent performance and structure of die casting machine, the adaptability of die casting alloy selection and the standardization of melting process.More attention should be paid to pressure, temperature and time  And other process parameters on casting quality. It is important to control these parameters effectively in the die casting process.