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Characteristics and application of aluminum

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-06-03

Aluminum is a common element that is versatile and can be used at different levels to provide many different uses. 

Aluminium is a white/silver color with a temperature of 660.4 degrees Celsius being the melting point of aluminium.  The melting point is 1215 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aluminum is a non-magnetic material and is malleable.  There are three isotopes in aluminum and 16 artificial isotopes in it.  Chemical properties include: Al in contact with oxygen to form what is called alumina.  It is called skin because it provides a protective layer to the material and protects it from corrosion.  Although this skin is intended for protection, aluminum is a highly flammable material that catches fire easily when the flame is exposed, and it remains in a powdery form.  Bases and acids react with aluminum compounds.

Because of its combination of physical and chemical properties, aluminum can easily become a versatile metal.  Aluminum can be used as a metal to create all kinds of products.  You might even use something made of aluminum.  The pressure cleaning valve, pump and gearbox consist mainly of die-cast aluminum alloy.  Al is the most widely used material in automobiles.  Aluminum is also often used to make industrial machines and die castings.