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Welcome to join XY-Global

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-06-01
On May 25th, XY Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (XY-Global) had a young and energetic newcomer named Kerry, a young man from Hunan Province.

All the employees of the company warmly welcomed Kerry to join the company. Kerry introduced himself and shared his expertise in the field and his work experience in the position.  The atmosphere of the scene is active in a harmonious and warm atmosphere.  Each employee introduced himself and organized a name-memorizing game. After introducing everyone, Kerry was able to remember their names in a short time.In the end Kerry only remembered the names of seven of his colleagues a little ashamed. 

Finally, Mrs. Liu enthusiastically introduced the company's history, corporate culture, rules and regulations to Kerry, so as to have a deeper understanding of XY-Global and integrate into XY-Global.