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Causes of die casting damage

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-08-03

First, the reason of the mold itself 
1. Mould processing accuracy is not enough. 
2. The problem of wire cutting is not handled properly. 
3. The die steel was broken in the subsequent processing. 
4. Improper heat treatment during mold processing. 
5. The mold design has a fundamental problem, the mold structure is unreasonable. 
Second, other reasons other than the mold itself 
1. Choose the right raw materials for die casting 
Choose the right material number for the die casting, and choose the right lubricant and lubrication process.

2. The tonnage of the die casting machine is insufficient 
Different products must choose suitable die casting machine for die casting, otherwise not only the quality of the die cast product is not high, but also reduce the life of the die, and the serious case will damage the chess set. 
3. Correct use and reasonable maintenance 
In order to protect the normal production, improve the quality of die casting, reduce the cost and extend the life of die casting, it is necessary to use and maintain the die correctly, strictly implement the die casting process, and do a good job in the maintenance and overhaul of die casting