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Development trend of die casting industry

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-08-02
The die casting industry in the future will be full of technological innovation, product innovation, competition between brands, but in the end all products will have high technology, high parameters, high life and corrosion resistance.  In order to survive and develop in the new era, die casting enterprises will also give up the production of single varieties and specifications of die casting products, but to the common development of multiple varieties and specifications of products model development,  In order to meet the needs of more and more users of complete manufacturing projects.  So at that point, when a user needs a certain set of die casting products, they only need to select one of the die casting companies to supply all the molds.  Instead of having to go to multiple die casting manufacturers to buy different die casting parts and then complete the assembly of the complete equipment project.
The development trend is good, but the development path is twists and turns, because China's current die casting industry is facing the environment is not too good, because the die casting enterprises are not standardized competition is still restricting the healthy and orderly development of the whole industry.  For example, in order to obtain high profits, many small-scale die casting companies that do not meet the production qualification will print the brand and qualification inspection mark of the famous manufacturers on the market for their die casting parts, and then fill them with good quality and die casting for famous brands inmaterially  The business brings reputational damage.  At the same time, some businesses or manufacturers simply repair some scrapped and defective die castings, paint them and sell them again, which undoubtedly brings huge hidden dangers to the implementation of engineering projects. 

In addition, the important problem that affects the development of China's die casting industry is still the problem of single product and low technical content. This is because there are still a large number of small-scale die casting enterprises on the market in China, and they have less die casting equipment.  Professional and technical personnel are few, can only through the production of relatively single, low technical content of cheap products, and in the production management is blind and unplanned production mode.
Although the number of foreign enterprises specializing in die casting industry is not as large as the number of China, but most of these enterprises are high-end die casting products.  These foreign enterprises attach importance to the quality of the products themselves, technology and environmental performance,  They take customer service and enterprise reputation as business philosophy, scientific enterprise management to control and manage production, technology, personnel, pay attention to the role of research and development and technological innovation in production, these are obvious differences with China's die casting industry.