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Technological development in the field of aluminum alloy die casting

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-08-04
Aluminum alloy die castings are similar to other alloy castings.
Aluminum alloy die casting is similar to aluminum and magnesium alloy pressure molds. 
However, due to its different characteristics from the aluminum alloy die casting, a reasonable type of aluminum alloy die casting can be designed and the aluminum alloy die casting can be produced efficiently and economically.
Aluminum alloy die casting technology development :

1, semi-solid aluminum alloy die casting technology has two types of drift die casting molding and tactile die casting molding.More achievements have been made in the flow molding technology, such as the new flow conveying molding technology based on the theory of low superheat slurry conveying casting, low superheat inclined plate injection molding, low superheat injection molding and weak mechanical stirring. 
2, vacuum aluminum alloy die casting technology vacuum casting method is mainly quenching exhaust tank method and vacuum valve method.  
Quench exhaust tank method is commonly used in common equipment, vacuum valve method using the Japanese Ube company development of airless method is typical, can effectively discharge air, it is possible to avoid metal liquid into the vacuum system, which can be avoided.