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The production of plastic mould is developing rapidly to information technology

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-08-03
With the improvement of the design and processing level of the die industry, the manufacture of the mould (tekanan die casting Mesin) is changing from the skill of the fitter mainly to the technology mainly in the past. This is not only a change in the means of production, but also a change in the mode of production and an increase in ideas. 

This trend makes the standardization of mold constantly improve, mold (mold maker china) accuracy is higher and higher, the production cycle is becoming shorter and shorter, fitter ratio is lower and lower, and ultimately promote the overall level of the mold industry continues to improve. 

In the quality of the mold, delivery cycle, price, service four factors, more and more users will be the delivery cycle in the first place. Request mold company as soon as possible delivery, this has become a trend.

Enterprises try their best to improve their adaptability, improve their technical level, raise their equipment level, raise their management level and improve their efficiency, which are effective measures to shorten the production cycle of moulds (injection mold making). 

Vigorously improve the development capabilities, the development work as far forward as possible, until the intervention into the mold user's product development, and even before the user has not yet explicitly targeted development, change passive to active. At present, the TV and monitor shell, air conditioner shell, motorcycle plastic parts have been adopted this method, and the development of mobile phone and telephone mold has also begun to try.