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The Fun of Fish Farming

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-08-04
  Colleagues are fish farming, the following gives you a simple universal knowledge of the fish.
Fish not only meditation, fish tank evaporation of water vapor can also adjust the indoor air dry humidity. Relieve visual fatigue, beautify the environment, adjust the indoor air oxygen content and humidity.
  Firstly, pay attention to the stocking density of fish, generally about 1 meter round, about 10 cm goldfish, up to 6-8;Secondly,according to the size of fish, type, appropriate feeding, to avoid unnecessary fish in the fish residue, pollution of water quality;Thirdly, the point of attention to the frequency of change, the winter will change the water around every week, do not have a water tank 3/10, summer every day to change the water, the water can not exceed 2/10. It is worth noting that when the replacement of water, do not directly into the tap water, should be placed one day in advance to reduce the bleaching powder content, improve the oxygen content of tap water.
  The fish tank to be stable, as far as possible away from the aisle; according to the size of the room, a reasonable choice of fish tank, do not enlarge the fish tank in a small room.