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Spray mold gel (2)

  • Author:liuweiqiong
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  • Release on:2017-10-31
Release wax, release agent treatment. Mold release, wax or mold treatment. In the mill, polishing the glass steel mold good clean, dry with a towel to dry, with 3 to 4 layers of clean gauze on the amount of mold release wax (American ship card No. R333), using convolution evenly coated on the surface of tool wait 3 to 5 minutes, with a clean white hair. Until the towel to wipe the mirror effect, placed about 2 hours and then repeat the above operation a total of 4 times, fifth times more than 6 hours of operation is placed, anti slip and complex place after stripping the wax coating again after repeated release agent.

The new or old mold mold should be in proper solvents (e.g. acetone) cleaning, be sure to surface impurities, wax scale clean, and to dry; CHEMLEASPMR clean gauze soaked in mold coating; coated in CHEMLEASEPMR not yet dried before use dry cloth evenly coated to the surface of everywhere this product must be repeated; 4 - 5 for the first time, every 10 - 20 minutes, such as a large area of each mold coating after a continuous coating, the last layer is coated with a dry cloth to wipe the light will die, and set aside for more than an hour; one time using gel coating may be difficult this is, the stripping effect because of very good, can apply a small amount of stripping the wax after need not use; if the release is difficult to CHEMLEASPMR coated with 1 ~ 2 times, so you can save the cost and ensure the quality of.

Spray coating. The mold release wax coated finish (agent), for spraying gel coat. Recommended mould gel coat thickness 1mm, coating spraying process is divided into two layers, completed in two, each 0.5mm thick layer, and each layer is sprayed three times over 0.15mm~0.17mm. We need to strictly control the thickness of mould gel coat, which requires each spray again after gel to gel, feet on the surface of the mould in many places the accurate measurement of the thickness of the gel layer. The correct gel spraying method are as follows: 1 the first spray thickness of 0.15mm~0.17mm gel mold. The vertical direction and gelcoat spray second times the first time, the thickness is 0.15mm~0.17mm. The article according to the direction of the last time over spray gel, gel coat thickness of the first layer that is 0.5mm. How to avoid cracking or wrinkling, should be in the first coat after curing, can spray a layer of gel coating. At normal temperature, the cure time is 90 minutes.