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Application of high and new equipment

  • Author:Juno
  • Source:diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-08-08
XY-GLOBAL Co., Ltd. casting mold factory, is casting mold professional factory, has a strong equipment strength. At present, after the reform and opening up the continuous development and improvement, the main mold processing equipment should be domestic first-class. 

At present, the problem is that the mold clamp processing is lagging behind, becoming the bottleneck of the final process of mold manufacturing". Therefore, in the process of mold fitter work, so that the overall balance of mold processing, will be able to improve our casting mold, die casting capacity. 

This may also be a common problem in the casting mold processing industry. XY-GLOBAL is a professional supplier of custom metal parts, provides you with OEM aluminum die casting mold.
(1) the high speed milling of high speed milling will get more extensive development and application abroad in recent years, the spindle speed can reach 40000 100000r / min, fast feed speed can reach 30 40m / min, tool change time can be increased to 1 3s. 

This will greatly improve the processing efficiency, such as in the processing of die casting die, can increase 7 - 8 times, the machined surface can be obtained and the Ra roughness of less than or equal to 10 mu m. Shape accuracy up to 10 m. XY-GLOBAL focuses on the production of aluminum die casting mold.

In addition, a module with a hardness of 60HRC can be machined to form the challenge of edm. Therefore, the development of high speed milling technology will promote the development of casting mold processing technology.

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