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Notice of die casting mold in production process

  • Author:Angelia
  • Source:diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-07-10
Mention mold maintenance and maintenance, in many die casting operator's mind will flash out a concept, always think that is mold repair work, and he has little to do, in fact, just the opposite. die casting mould Manufacturer.
The fate of all dies can be said to be in the hands of the die casting operator. For example, you have a car that has broken down for several years. Can you tell me that it was caused by the car washing? 

Therefore, in the process of using the mold, the following points should pay special attention to:
(1) the use of die cooling system.
Mold cooling water in the correct use of circumstances, not only to extend the service life of the die, but also to improve production efficiency. In the actual production, we often ignore the importance of it, the operator may also go to pick the easy way, too much trouble, not to pick up the cooling water pipes, some companies even when the custom mold, in order to save costs, not even the cooling water, thus causing serious consequences.

Mold materials are generally dedicated, die steel produced by a variety of processing, and even better die steel also have their use of the limit. Such as temperature, mould in use, if the mold temperature is too high, it would be easy to make the surface of the mold core early cracks, some even die no more than 2000 die, crack on a large area. Even die in production, because the mould temperature is too high, the core has changed color, even after measuring up to more than 400 degrees, so the temperature to meet state release agent of chill is easy to appear crack, the production of products is also easy to deformation, strain, etc. are sticking to die.

When mold cooling water is used, the use of mold release can be greatly reduced, so that the operator will not use mold release to lower the mold temperature. The benefit is effectively prolong the mould life, save casting cycle, improve product quality, reduce the occurrence of mold sticking and strain and aluminum adhesion, reduce the use of release agent, reduce loss and core rod caused by mold temperature overheating can.
(2) the mold must be preheated at the beginning of the production process to prevent the cold mold suddenly encounter hot metal liquid and lead to the crack of the tortoise. The mold complex can use blowtorches, liquefied gas, good conditions for mold temperature, mold can use relatively simple slow shot preheating.