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Look! Zinc alloy production Note

  • Author:Angelia
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-06-29
With the progress of the times, many things in life are brought about by the convenience of science and technology, bringing convenient and efficient life to people. Now life is full of high technology. die casting mould supplier china

Zinc alloy production Note:

1. Control alloy composition Starting from the purchase of alloy ingot, alloy ingot must be based on ultra-high purity zinc, with high purity aluminum, magnesium, copper prepared into the alloy ingot, the supply plant has a strict composition standards. High quality zinc alloy material is the guarantee of producing high quality castings.

2. Procurement back to the alloy ingot to ensure a clean, dry stacking area, in order to avoid prolonged exposure to moisture in the white rust, or stained by the factory to increase the production of slag, but also increase the metal loss. The clean plant environment is effective in controlling the composition of the alloy. die casting mould Manufacturer

3. New materials and outlet and other back to the charge ratio, back to the charge not more than 50%, the general new material: old material = 70:30. The continuous remelting of aluminum and magnesium gradually reduced.

4. When the nozzle material remelting, we must strictly control the remelting temperature should not exceed 420 ℃, in order to avoid the loss of aluminum and magnesium.

5. Conditional die-casting plant is best to use concentrated melting furnace zinc alloy, alloy ingot and back to the furnace evenly, the flux can be more effective use, so that the alloy composition and temperature to maintain uniform and stable. Electroplating waste, fines should be a separate furnace.

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