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What is the production of CNC lathe parts?

  • Author:Angelia
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-06-29
With the progress of the times, many things in life are brought about by the convenience of science and technology, bringing convenient and efficient life to people. Now life is full of high technology. China CNC Machined Parts distributor

"CNC lathe parts production" to select the real parts of the enterprise for the task, given the parts of the drawings, parts of the three-dimensional modeling and parts of the rough shape. Analysis of the processing of the parts necessary for the theoretical knowledge, tooling and tooling tools, and then around the theme to explain some of the NC theoretical knowledge, including CNC lathe basic instructions, CNC lathe program preparation format, CNC lathe basic operation and cutting tools and cutting parameters select. cnc precision machined parts factory

So that the reader has the necessary knowledge of processing the parts, and then proceed from the parts of the map to analyze the parts of the specific CNC machining process, the choice of machine tools, tool selection, cutting parameters, the preparation of processing procedures , As well as the quality of parts processing process to ensure that the processing used in the selection, use. Select the parts from simple to complex, the knowledge used by the shallow depth, from a single piece of processing to the assembly processing, this step-by-step learning method is easy for beginners to learn and master.

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