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Look! Development of numerical control technology

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-06-15
Numerical control technology (English: Numerical Control referred to as: NC), that is, the use of computer program control machine method, according to the staff prepared a good program for mechanical parts processing process.

CNC technology and numerical control equipment is an important foundation for the modernization of manufacturing industry. Whether this foundation is a direct impact on a country's economic development and comprehensive national strength, related to a country's strategic position. Therefore, the world's industrialized countries have taken significant measures to develop their own CNC technology and its industry. best price mold maker china

In China, the development of numerical control technology and equipment has also received great attention and made considerable progress. Especially in the field of general-purpose computer numerical control, PC-based domestic CNC system, has been in the forefront of the world. However, there are many problems in the field of numerical control technology research and industrial development, especially in the aspects of technological innovation capability, commercialization process and market share. In the new century, how to effectively solve these problems, so that our CNC areas along the sustainable development of the road, from the overall comprehensive into the world advanced ranks, so that we in the international competition has a pivotal position, will be CNC research and development Departments and manufacturers are facing important tasks.

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