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Do you know when the first car came into being?

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-06-15
With the progress of the times, the car has become an essential part of life, because cars make life easier. Do you know when the first car came into being? Oem aluminum die casting auto parts

The world's first car was developed by the German Karl Bentz (1844 ~ 1929) in October 1885, in one fell swoop laid the car design tone, even now the car can not jump out of this box. He was January 28, 1886 to the German Patent Office for the invention of the invention patent, the same year on November 2, the Patent Office officially approved the release. Therefore, January 29, 1886 was recognized as the birth of the world car, Bentz's patent certificate has become the world's first car patent certificate.

In fact, there were some people in the development of car engines and cars, the French press as early as 1863 reported Renault invented the car, the speed of less than 8km / h, but it is still from Paris to Qiao Wei Li Boda back and forth Ran 18km. In 1884, the French Dai Piao Tou Weier use of internal combustion engine as a power source, creating a single-cylinder internal combustion engine with a three-wheeled vehicle and a two-cylinder internal combustion engine with four-wheeled vehicles. aluminum die casting auto parts

As early as the first car invented, many of the inventions related to it had already appeared, such as lead-acid batteries, internal combustion engine ignition devices, hard rubber solid tires, spring suspension, so the car is a lot of invention or technology integrated use.

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