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Failure modes of die casting die and design points of die

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-07-22
Die casting (best price mold maker china) is one of the three elements, die-casting mould structure reasonable is a prerequisite for die-casting parts production smoothly, and ensure the quality of casting (machine passing rate) plays an important role. Because of the characteristics of die casting process, is the decisive factor to obtain high quality castings for the correct selection of the process parameters, and the mold is a prerequisite to the correct choice and adjustment of parameters, the comprehensive reflection of mold design is the essence of all kinds of factors that may arise in die casting is expected. 

If the die design is reasonable, the problems encountered in the actual production are less and the qualified rate of the machine under the casting is high. On the other hand, the die-casting die (aluminum die casting mold Manufacturer china) design is not reasonable, such as: the design of die casting parts dynamic fixed die package force is basically the same, and pouring system mostly in fixed mode, and placed in the die casting machine shot after punch can't feed on the production, not the normal production of die-casting parts has been glued on the fixed die. Although the cavity of the model is very smooth, because of the deeper cavity, there is still stuck in the fixed die phenomenon. 

So in the mold design, we must analyze the structure of castings, familiar with the operation process of die casting machine (aluminum die casting mold ), to the possibility of extracting casting machine and process parameters to adjust, grasp the filling characteristics in different situations, and consider the method, die casting processing of drilling and fixed form, in order to design a practical and to meet the requirements of the mold production. The beginning has been said before, liquid metal filling time is very short, the metal liquid pressure and the ratio of flow rate is very high, the die is extremely bad working conditions, coupled with the impact of thermal shock alternating stress, has a great influence on the service life of die casting die.