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What is Metal Hardness

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What is Metal Hardness

Hardness is an important measure of the degree of softness and hardness of metallic materials. It can be understood as the ability of materials to resist elastic deformation, plastic deformation or destruction, and to describe the ability of materials to resist residual deformation and anti-destruction. Hardness is not a simple physical concept, but the material elasticity, plasticity, strength and toughness and other mechanical properties of the comprehensive indicators.


Overview of metal hardness

Hardness test according to the different test methods can be divided into static pressure (such as Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, etc.), scratch (such as Mohs hardness), rebound method (such as Shore hardness) and Micro hardness, high temperature hardness and other methods.

Brinell hardness is expressed in HB [N (kgf / mm2)] (HBS \ HBW). In the production, Brinell hardness is used to measure the annealing, normalizing and quenching and tempering steel, as well as cast iron, nonferrous metal, low alloy structural steel Such as the strength of blankets or semi-finished products.

Rockwell hardness can be divided into HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD four, their measurement range and application range is also different. General production HRC used most. Indentation is small, can be measured thin materials and hard materials and finished pieces of hardness.

Vickers hardness is indicated by HV, and a very thin sample is measured.


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