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Wow! Auto parts industry status

  • Author:Angelia
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-06-16
With the rapid development of science and technology, modern technology brings not only the convenience of life, but also the progress of the times. Now, any high-tech products are composed of many parts, precision instrument combination, whether medical equipment or auto parts, or household appliances in the family, is composed of many parts. These parts will be processed by precision production, although these parts are very small, but once the error, the whole will not work, so the production of parts quality assurance is the most important. aluminum die casting auto parts

As the foundation of automobile industry, automobile spare parts are the necessary factors to support the sustained and healthy development of automobile industry. In particular, the current auto industry is vigorous and vigorous development of independent development and innovation, but also need a strong component system as a support. The independent brand and technology innovation needs parts based on a powerful impetus of independent innovation and parts of the vehicle industry development, they influence each other, there is no vehicle brands, powerful parts system research and innovation capacity is difficult to burst, no powerful parts support system, the independent brand will become difficult to continue.

It has become a global trend that auto parts manufacturing enterprises break away from the whole vehicle enterprises and form specialized components and parts groups. Internationally renowned automotive and parts enterprises, almost all set up joint ventures or wholly-owned enterprises in China, the introduction of technology joint ventures have more than 1000. A large number of domestic enterprises with high technology, good efficiency and large scale have gradually grown up. With the international automotive industry began to implement the "global sourcing" strategy and the international multinational automotive enterprises to implement localization strategy, the domestic market will be a huge gap in parts and components. aluminum die casting mold making

In a certain period of time, although the overall decline in the global economy, but according to the actual procurement practice in the last four to five years, China procurement results and a large number of companies not predicted optimistic, almost 80% of the companies have not reached their purchase quantity and purchase cost reduction targets. With the decline in the appreciation of the RMB and the export tax rebate rate, Chinese procurement is facing greater pressure, international buyers will be looking at the same time has been transferred to other Vietnam, India, Thailand, Australia and other countries and regions. From this point of view, China's auto parts industry will continue to accelerate in the current financial crisis.

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