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Look! Reform and innovation of auto parts

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-06-16
With the rapid development of science and technology, modern technology brings not only the convenience of life, but also the progress of the times. Now, any high-tech products are composed of many parts, precision instrument combination, whether medical equipment or auto parts, or household appliances in the family, is composed of many parts. These parts will be processed by precision production, although these parts are very small, but once the error, the whole will not work, so the production of parts quality assurance is the most important. aluminum cast manufactory

The main theme of the 12th Five-Year Plan of the automobile industry is to strengthen the core, or to have the core technology, core competitiveness, and strengthen independent innovation. In a certain period of time, the vehicle's own innovation has made progress, you can use foreign platforms have developed new products, but the platform development is still weak. Auto parts of the independent innovation has been ignored, and independent brand parts industry has long been marginalized, because the auto parts manufacturers in the two sessions may not be on behalf of the two sessions over the years to hear this little talk.

Ministry of Commerce data show that foreign control of the vast majority of auto parts market share, domestic sales of only parts of the industry accounted for 20% -25%, with foreign investment in the background of auto parts manufacturers accounted for more than 75% of the industry , In these foreign suppliers, wholly owned enterprises accounted for 55%, 45% of Sino-foreign joint ventures, local parts are mainly used in independent brands of cars, the market share is low.

In the automotive electronics and engine parts and other high-tech areas, foreign market share of up to 90%, of which the car's EFI system, engine management system, ABS and airbags, automatic transmission and other core components of the production, foreign-funded enterprises Accounting for 100%, 100% and 91%, respectively. aluminum die casting-chain saw parts

Relative to the vehicle, parts into a longer cycle, the higher the threshold of funds, business risk is greater, today, China's auto parts core technology lack of plight is still evident. Most of the domestic auto parts enterprises are concentrated in the low-tech areas with low technical content and low profit margins. The price is almost the only means of competition for Chinese enterprises. In this way, the parts industry has gradually become China's auto industry in a past, seriously restricting the implementation of China's automobile strategy.

Automobile auto parts industry should seize the opportunity to cultivate the automobile consumption market, promote the automobile industry restructuring, support enterprise independent innovation, technological transformation, vigorously develop new energy vehicles, cultivate independent brands, expand exports and the development of modern automobile service industry and so on to promote the automobile industry Adjust the revitalization.

For the development of China's auto parts, the 12th Five-Year Plan proposed that auto parts is one of the four major development priorities, the key issue is to improve the ability of independent innovation to achieve key assembly technology and electronic technology breakthrough. New energy vehicles will drive the battery, motor, etc. as the representative of the development of new energy components. The formation of the automobile industry group will bring restructuring and pressure to the parts industry, must be achieved scale. Low value-added exports will face greater trade friction, the need for industrial restructuring.

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