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Wow! The first bike in the world

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-06-23
With the progress of the times, many people travel when choosing a bike, both exercise, but also energy saving. Now sharing a bike is very convenient, go out can save a lot of time. Do you know the first bike in the world? aluminum die casting parts

Bicycles, also known as bicycles or bicycles, are usually two rounds of small land vehicles. People riding a car, the pedal as a driving force, is a green transport. English Where bi means two, and the cycle refers to the wheel, that is, two wheels. In mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, often referred to as "bicycles" or "bicycles"; in Hong Kong and Macao is usually called "cycling" (in fact, Cantonese are usually called); and in Japan called " " Many types of bicycles, there are single bike, double bike and many people bike.

Bicycles are the most successful human machinery invented by humans, and are complex machinery composed of many simple machines. aluminum cast manufactory

In 1790, there was a French named Sifrak, and he particularly loved his brains. One day he walked in a street in Paris, because the rain before the day, the road accumulated a lot of rain, very bad to go. Suddenly, a four-wheeled carriage rolled from behind, the street was narrow, the carriage was wide, and the Westfrack hid to the fortune without being knocked down by the car, or was splashed with mud and rain. Others saw, for his sad, still angry scolded, want to shout that carriage to stop, unreasonable negotiations. Sifrak murmured: "Do not cry, do not shout, let them go." The carriage was far away, and he stood still on the roadside. He was thinking: the road so narrow, pedestrians and so much, why not change the structure of the carriage? The carriage should be cut off half, four wheels into the front and rear of the two wheels ... ... he thought, go home to design. After repeated tests, the first aircraft in 1791, "Trojan horse" car made out. The earliest bicycle is wooden, its structure is relatively simple, neither the drive device, there is no steering device, the rider by his feet to push forward, change direction can only get off when the car. Even so, when Sifrak rode the bike to the park for a ride, the presence of people are quite surprised and admired.

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