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Look! Disinfection methods of tap water

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  • Release on:2017-06-23
With the progress of the times, living water more and more convenient, and now basically every household has tap water, every family can live a comfortable and clean life. cnc machining parts importers

Tap water is through the water treatment plant purification, disinfection produced after the corresponding standards for people to live, the production of water. Domestic water mainly through the water plant pumping station pumping rivers and lakes and groundwater, surface water, by the water plant in accordance with the "national drinking water-related health standards", after precipitation, disinfection, filtration and other processes, and finally through the distribution pump station To each user. January 15, 2013, you can log on the Beijing Water Group website for the last quarter of the tap water quality information, including the factory water quality of the 42 regular indicators, the quarterly test results of the maximum and minimum, and with the national standard Compared.

Now the majority of tap water disinfection using chlorination method, the main purpose of public water supply chlorination is to prevent water-borne diseases, this method has been extended to 100 years of history, with a better production technology and equipment, chlorine for disinfection of water disinfection The effect is good, the cost is low, almost no advantages of harmful substances. But after the theoretical data to understand, research and found that chlorine for water disinfection or have some drawbacks. Chlorinated disinfection of tap water can produce carcinogenic substances, the current experts also made a number of improvements. Oem mold maker in china

Chlorine soluble in water, combined with water to produce hypochlorous acid and hydrochloric acid, in the entire disinfection process plays a major role in hypochlorous acid. It can be completely oxidized and disinfected for the odor-producing inorganic matter. For living natural substances such as algae and bacteria, it can penetrate the cell wall and oxidize its enzyme system (the enzyme is a biocatalyst) Activity, so that the life of bacteria by obstacles and death. Hypochlorous acid itself was neutral, easy to close to the bacteria and showed a good sterilization effect, hypochlorite ion also has a certain disinfection, but it is negatively charged and difficult to close to the bacteria (bacteria with negative charge) And thus compared with the hypochlorous acid, the sterilization effect is much worse, so the chlorine disinfection effect is better than the use of bleach powder disinfection.

At this stage, the disinfectant in addition to chlorine, there are chlorine dioxide, ozone, the use of alternative disinfectants can reduce the amount of harmful substances generated, while improving the efficiency of treatment.

At present, the safe water disinfection method in the world is ozone disinfection, but this method is too expensive to deal with, and ozone-treated water, its retention time is limited, as to how long to retain, there is no one the concept of. So only a small number of developed countries to use this approach.

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