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The last process of die -- try die and repair die

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-09-01
Although it is in the selected molding materials, molding equipment, mold (aluminium CNC machining) design in process conditions expected, but people's understanding is often not perfect, so it must be in after the mold processing is completed, to test test, to see how the quality of molding parts. The findings are always followed by the elimination of erroneous repairs. 

There are many kinds of bad phenomena in plastic parts, and the reasons are complicated. There are die reasons and technical conditions, and the two are often hand in hand. Before the die repair, it should be carefully analyzed and studied according to the actual situation of the undesirable phenomena of the plastic parts. After that, the remedy for the defects of the plastic parts is found out. Because the molding conditions are easy to change, so the general practice is to change the molding condition first, when the molding condition can not solve the problem, consider the repair mold (aluminium CNC machining corporation). 

Mould repair should be careful, not sure not to act rashly. The reason is that once the mold (China CNC machined parts factory) condition has been changed, it can not be further transformed and restored. 

After the die is tested, if it is not used for a short time, it should completely remove the dirt, dust, oil, etc. coated with butter or other antirust oil or rust inhibitor, and close it to the storage place for safekeeping.