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  • Author:Baidu
  • Release on:2021-11-06
Jeremy Lin's popularity has sparked a buzz in the United States. Fans and netizens have made use of the Chinese character Lin, coining a large number of "Lin words". These words have not only been used as slogans by fans, but also have been quoted in newspapers, television and radio programs. The U.S. Patent Office says Linsanity and Lincredible have been patented. Twitter recently launched a "Lin's Coinage" campaign, which was so well received that users nearly overwhelmed the site. The outlandish words are so funny that even teammate Stoudemire, who just lost his brother, said "Lin's words" are the only ones that make his family smile these days. "I never knew there were so many words in our family name," Lin said in an interview. "Fans are so creative." Here are some of the words that Americans have invented. The craze continues, and the number of Words in Lin's dictionary continues to grow.