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Why let you from the success of the perfectionist far

  • Author:July
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  • Release on:2016-06-18

Leadership insider network is the most thoughtful in the business, people with influence, is an online community to contribute answers to timely questions about career and leadership. Today's answer to the question: how as part of your professional development, do you accept the imperfections? It is written by Sara Kauss, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) S'well.

I am a perfectionist. I can beat the best of the state Tezukami statement of fish They are to be perfect for the occasion, or to set the room. However, I thing it is a perfectionist who has come to learn in the last few years, eat basically bad habits my day, I'm in the pigeonholes habit me in from time to time can not be recognized method about it. This is easy to admission - I do not use myself proud to be a perfectionist. I always was taught to strive to present my best self. However, over the years, I learned how to really dehydration It will be able to strive for perfection at every turn.

Recently, I was attending to pretty amazing business dinner. I was looking forward to going with excitement, it is zero to think it was a super busy day I major designer, CEO of the company, further opportunities, including the Pulitzer Prize winner, for the change capture for I think that had a time. I (had been my plan all along), such anyone to go to the event to get the possibility of fresh manicure to imagine would want to find the time to change clothes, or a little more to them I want to do something that would feel pulled together. But when the calendar reminder will pop up on your computer, I have my work clothes, was still on my desk, and my nails without a fresh coat of polish.

At that moment, the perfectionist in me, to convince me to skip most of the events, reared its ugly head. What is it definitely would have been. I would feel comfortable as it was I, in the event, only I am not provided the one unique experience -1 of that would not have been traded in for nothing.

Perfectionism is different for everyone, but for me, the struggle is real. It's part of who I am, while there is a positive side to it, I have to recognize that it is to create a big constraint. Because it is moving fast enough, and without the proper amount of self-confidence, to keep me, you can be like me things. It is, in order to achieve our goal to reach for our dreams, or even not in those of the true transformation experience from the participants to say to be able to keep us.

Since the start of the S'well, I had an incomplete arousal. While I catch at least a couple perfectly reach week in your own time, I will I achieve the more myself (complete feel than and) is, remember the window to throw it locate the time.

Imagine a business leader lacking self-confidence, do not move soon, or new, does not participate in interesting experience. How could the leader there is a really long-term effect? Perfectionism is always runs through my blood, I think this trend is, business that I have created, the employee I was hired, I coach men tea, and to individual opportunities come my way can affect was how notice. This awareness, when, as in how to go, I really was able to understand.

The fight may not end. However, it is it is if I have achieved the meanings given the authority (or other people to empower) what I set out to achieve, I will fight willing to fight.

Please do not get me wrong: imperfections Embracing is a bold move, but it is just may be one of you is brave ones will do until now.