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Why does the CNC machining center hit the machining knife

Why does the CNC machining center hit the machining knife

kerry 2022-01-04 21:09:16

The CNC machining center will hit the knife. The summary may be the following points, which are for reference only.

1. Human error of the operator Most of the tool deaths of CNC machining centers are caused by operating errors of the operator. For example, during the tool setting process, the speed of the machine tool drive shaft is too fast, causing the tool to die; for example, the axis coordinate value of the machine tool Input error, resulting in knife edge collision during spindle machining, etc. Therefore, improving the professionalism and sense of responsibility of machining center operators is the best way to prevent the collision of machining center blades.

2. Workpiece clamping failed

(1) The crash of the machine tool may also be due to the clamping failure of the processed workpiece. During the processing, the processed workpiece is loose, and the parts will be aligned by the cutting force of the tool. At this time, it is easy to cause the tool to collide.

(2) For many automatic processing production lines, there may be incorrect positioning errors of parts and deviations in the placement position, resulting in parts not in place. If there is no corresponding workpiece in-position detection switch, the tool may collide in the process of tooling. .

(3) In machine tool processing, tool wear and damage can also easily cause machine tool collisions and loss of cutting force of the tool, but the machine tool feed does not stop, and collisions are easily caused at this time. Therefore, the machine tool feed monitors the load in real time. Abnormal conditions can take the initiative to stop, in order to minimize the damage to the machine tool collision.

3. Machine movement failure The so-called machine failure refers to a state where the machine tool operating system is out of control. For example, when the machine tool is executing a machining program, the machining path does not follow the path of the machining program, but there is a big deviation, then the machine tool will collide.

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